Hey guys, Its me.. onnum perusa sollaralavuku avalo periya aalu kadiyathu… but im always uncomparable and unstoppable for me.. Never mind what others say.

Coz, its my life and my rules. I always do what I want to.

Very thin line between three things of my life,

Desire – My ability to acheive my mission.

Vision – Survival.

Mission – Destination of my life.

Whts ur destination dude? you may have that question..

“eternal part is my mission”

I Always believe in

dark roads and deep woods

cox when you get some light, you Look back and think of what you learnt from the darkness, Never do that again.

I always wanted to travel and explore a lot. But lot of times plans wer a big mess. Hope it will be a success this time.

If things go smooth, will cu guys soon with my first blog as I always wanted to.

PS:Konjanalla eludhanum nu aasaiyae iruku. adhan oru try. If its good, bad, worst or wtso ever, Do highlight. Tips are always used for improvisation.



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